Tiny Houses: Wander into the “Romantic Abode” in Everett, Washington

"Romantic Abode" Tiny House Nation

Everett, Washington – “Romantic Abode” Overview

Tiny House Nation returned Saturday and headed to Everett, Washington (just outside of Seattle) to help a couple build the “tiny house” of their dreams. Most couples might find it challenging to live in a small space but Nick and Vickie are no strangers to tight quarters.

Currently living in a 600SF studio apartment in Washington, their 220SF tiny home will be an adjustment, but also allow them to become homeowners, and stop renting.

“When we had out home back in Ohio, it was great because it was our own,” said Nick. “Taking care of the house, having people over, being able to do those homeowner things.”

The #TinyHouseNation team had a few challenges ahead of them.

First, the tiny house had to be built inside of a warehouse to shield the structure from the Seattle climate. What they didn’t expect? The warehouse doors to be a few feet smaller than the structure, forcing them to find a creative solution for them to remove the home. After removal, the team had to then prepare the tiny house for a journey on a ferry to get to it’s final destination.  

Yes, a ferry.

Another challenge? Housing the couple’s stellar vinyl collection:

We love the creative solutions the team came up with to create a tiny (really, really tiny) home that supports the couple’s studies and healthy lifestyle.

We’ll be dreaming about this house, and it’s journey, for awhile. Did you tune in?