Tiny Houses: Brave the “Survival House” in San Diego, California

"Survival House" 280 SQFT exterior view.

San Diego, CA – “Survival House” Overview

Tiny House Nation ventured to San Diego, CA this week to help outdoor enthusiasts prepare for tiny living.

Jared and Vanessa have big goals for their lives together and living tiny can help them make it happen. A tiny house will allow the wanderlust couple to get their finances in order and downsize expenses to have more travel adventures together.

A tiny house will also allow them to take the house with them when Vanessa heads to graduate school and when they both visit family out of state.

Jared, a civilian trainer for the Navy, and Jessica, a former chef turned full-time nursing student, both have passions that require a lot of space. Team tiny house worked together to make a creative and affordable home with a kitchen that would make any chef envious.

While Vanessa was all about the tiny living, Jared was a little bit more hesitant. But being able to go tiny will allow him better flexibility to travel and see his 11-year-old son who resides in Utah.

The creation of this “Survival House” proved challenging for the Tiny House Nation team because the couple had a lot of stuff! Think lots of military gear, a dog, and kitchen gear…all of which had to fit into a 280SF home.

Currently residing in an 800SF rental home, their 280SF tiny house had to be built to accommodate their active lifestyle, making it one of the #TinyHouseNation team’s biggest challenges of the season.

The couple requested the following for the tiny home of their dreams:

  • Stairway to loft
  • Additional space for guests to sleep
  • A full blown Chef’s kitchen with a full-size stove and refrigerator
  • BIG storage area for Jared’s gear
  • Grilling station

Here’s a quick peek into the couple’s decked out tiny “Survival House”:

The cherry on top? The outdoor grill station/ storage closet. Perfect for any adventure.