Bring Your ‘Night at the Museum’ Dreams Come True

Sleep at a Museum
Sleep at your favorite museums.

Museums are a critical component of every society, showcasing items of cultural significance ranging from historical and ancient artifacts to paintings and sculpture. May 18th has been a worldwide celebration of museums since 1977. This year’s celebratory theme is “museums and cultural landscapes”, which highlights the responsibilities museums have to shape the cultural landscape and protect their location’s heritage.

To join in on the celebration, we decided to take a look at how you can really immerse yourself in the museum experience. Sure, you can visit your favorite exhibits as often as you like. Guided tours are great every now and then but did you know that some museums let you sleep there too?

We’ve rounded up our favorite museums that let kids (and sometimes adults!) get the full sleepover experience.

1. Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History

Experience your very own “Night at the Museum” with the Museum of Natural History. Sleep under a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton or a whale in the ocean hall and get a guided, hands-on tour of earth’s most fascinating creatures.


2. California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences

This San Francisco favorite hosts multiple “Penguins and Pajamas” sleepovers throughout the year for kids up to 17. This local favorite also offers occasional adult-only sleepovers, where you can sleep next to penguins, tropical fish, and sharks.


3. British Museum

British Museum

The British Museum is known for a lot of things: the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, mummies, and even sleepovers. By day it’s one of the oldest museums in the world, filled with tour groups and curious guests. By night, it’s a popular destination for sleepovers for ages up to 15 years old. Ready to sleep with the mummies?


4. National Zoo

Do your kids love wolves? Lions? Offering both kid and adult-friendly options, anyone over the age 6 and up can sleep with their favorites species. The National Zoo in Washington DC’s Snore and Roar offers a variety of guided tours and exhibits, along with tent/ sleep accommodations.


5. Australian Museum

Australian Museum

Sydney’s Australian Museum is famous for having 10 complete dinosaur skeletons and eight life-sized models. With high-tech interactive displays, it’s the perfect place for your next sleepover.