5 Ways an Adjustable Base Will Make Your Life Easier


There are a lot of health benefits associated with adjustable bases. Want a break from back pain? They help with that. Are you tired of your partner’s snoring? An adjustable base can help improve airflow, so that’s covered too. We know they’re good for your health. But very rarely do we ever talk about how an adjustable base can be good for your life.

Here’s how.

1. Working from home

While we don’t recommend using your bed as a workstation, we know it happens. Before an adjustable base, getting comfortable meant stacking two or three pillows behind your back to find the best position. It requires a lot of adjustment and fumbling, and staying comfortable long-term is a challenge. With an adjustable base, all of that is solved with a click of a button. Simply glide into a reading position and find the angle you like best. So working on your laptop, watching TV, and/or reading a book in bed is suddenly a breeze.

But remember—stay away from screens a few hours before bed!

2. Finding your way in the dark

Say goodbye to stumbling around in the dark. If you stir in the middle of the night—to tend to a family member or even to simply use the restroom—you don’t have to rely on your night vision anymore. Turn on the gentle under-bed lighting to guide your way without disturbing a sleeping partner.

3. Motherhood

Before adjustable bases, new moms would turn to stacking pillow on top of pillow to get comfortable enough to breastfeed their newborns. With an adjustable base, all you need to do is press the incline button to the preferred position. Those pregnant will also love the incline feature if they’re suffering from heartburn.

4. After-gym relaxation

A healthy exercise regimen is always helpful for great sleep. But sometimes, after a long gym session, all you want to do is stretch out your muscles and unwind. The massage settings in the adjustable bases are perfect for gym-goers who need a little help to relax.

5. Back pain relief

One of the most popular pieces of advice for those with back pain is to sleep with your legs elevated. Before, this usually meant sleeping with a thick/ firm pillow nested under the knees. But with an adjustable base, those who suffer from back pain can find relief with a click of a button.


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