Loom & Leaf: Redefining Value in the Mattress Market

best value memory foam mattress - image of loom & leaf mattress in bedroom

How do you know when you’re getting good value for your money? It’s a tough question at the best of times, but if you’re shopping for a memory foam mattress it can seem downright impossible. Walk into any mattress store and you’ll find discounts that aren’t discounts, pushy salespeople, and dozens of products with goofy names (Emperor SuperCloud UltraLuxe CoolSupreme!) that all look the same. To say nothing of the prices—do you really have to spend thousands of dollars to get a mattress that gives you the support and pressure relief you need?

Breaking down the value of a Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress

When Saatva launched its memory foam mattress, Loom & Leaf, in 2015, we obsessed over these questions. With the success of the flagship Saatva innerspring mattress, we knew we could provide a true luxury experience without charging customers an arm and a leg. For Loom & Leaf we wanted to follow the same model: make an ultra-premium memory foam mattress that offered something competitors didn’t—exceptional value for the money.

Here’s what that means to us.

Value means giving you just what you need

Most mattress companies would have you believe their products are complex marvels of engineering. That’s how they justify charging upwards of $3,000 for memory foam. The truth is, making a quality memory foam mattress isn’t a big mystery. All it requires is a few high-quality, essential ingredients coupled with time, effort, and attention to detail.

Loom & Leaf is built with just a handful of key components: a core of high-density support foam, topped by layers of premium memory foam, cooling spinal gel, and a 100% organic cotton cover. Those four ingredients, combined with the finest American craftsmanship, allow us to offer the same level of comfort as mattresses that cost thousands of dollars more. (See this comparison between the $1,099 Loom & Leaf and the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Luxe Breeze, which retails for more than $4,000 for a queen size.) Looking for the best bed for bad back, neck pain, and more? We can help with that.

Value means offering you a fair price

Have you ever wondered why mattress stores have so many sales? It’s usually because their prices are massively inflated to begin with. The discounts you see on holiday weekends aren’t really discounts. We charge the same price every day of the year, because that’s what our product is worth.

Our prices are stable, and they’re also consistently lower than those of our competitors. We can do that because of our innovative, online-only business model. Loom & Leaf mattresses are shipped directly to you, without the markup that comes from store rents and sales commissions. Our memory foam mattresses are made to order, which means they never sit around in a factory, storeroom, or sales floor. We don’t have to pay to maintain inventory, and because we have 19 factories and 145 fulfillment centers in the U.S. and Canada, your mattress will travel an average of less than 100 miles to reach your home.

Value means providing the best customer service

Most mattress salespeople are focused mainly on one thing: closing the deal. Once you’ve bought a mattress, more often than not, you’re on your own. And if you want to return your purchase, good luck—you may have to contend with uncooperative staff and hidden restocking fees.

At Loom & Leaf, we know that value is about more than the product alone. It’s also about the quality of service you receive. Your time is as valuable as your money, so we try not to waste either one. Our dedicated team of mattress experts are available 24/7, and they don’t receive commissions, so they’ll never try to push you into a sale you don’t want.

And our service goes beyond the point of purchase. We offer a 120-day home trial, so you have ample time to make a final decision. At every stage, our customer service team will be there to help you, offering tips and advice for getting the most out of your Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress. Read the reviews for yourself and see why our reputation for service is so well deserved.

Finally, our 15-year warranty demonstrates not only unshakeable confidence in our mattress, but also a firm commitment to providing long-term value for your money. Because for us, value means offering a high-quality, fairly priced memory foam mattress that will last as long as you need it to. It’s that simple.

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