Daylight Saving Time Ends: 4 Things To Do With Your Extra Hour

daylight saving time ends
Daylight Saving Time Ends: 5 Things You Should Do With That Extra Hour

The beginning of November marks the end of Daylight Saving Time. So, this Sunday — November 6, 2016 — you’ll need to set back your clocks an hour. Since DST technically ends at 2 AM on Sunday, we advise setting your clocks back an hour right before you head to bed the night before. That way you won’t be surprised by the time change the following day!

We’re BIG fans of sleeping in but experts advise against it since falling back an hour disrupts our “internal clock” — which is responsible for regulating sleep patterns. So, while you might think an “extra hour” equates to sleep gain, a review in the journal Sleep Medicine Review proves otherwise. According to their research, a shift in one hour can affect your sleep for up to a week!

“In the Fall, only a minority of people actually get that promised extra hour of sleep. During the following week, many people wake up earlier, have more trouble falling asleep, and are more likely to wake up during the night. People who tend to be so-called short sleepers, logging under 7.5 hours a night, and early risers (also known as larks), have the most trouble adjusting to the new schedule,” Anthony Komaroff, M.D., Executive Editor, Harvard Health Letter 

So, how do you combat the sleep “hangover” effect? Health experts like Komaroff advise regular exercise, preferably at the same time each day, and sticking to your regular sleep schedule. Indulging in a brief afternoon nap might help make up for lost sleep, too.

And instead of sleeping in and throwing your sleep schedule more out of sync, we advise doing one of these four alternatives when you wake up, instead.


Get Your Workout On

working out
Take your morning workout outside to help keep your circadian rhythm in check.

Okay, we know this is a difficult one to follow right when you wake up but this might encourage you to hit the gym right when your alarm clock goes off — studies suggest that you might hit your workout peak in the morning vs. working out in the afternoon. And it’s easier to get into a routine in the morning vs. evening because of work and random events that pop up in the evenings such as birthday parties or dinner obligations. Plus, you’ll feel like you’ve already accomplished something major even when the clock hits 12 p.m. Kudos to you!


Tackle a DIY Home Project

diy wooden headboard project
Amp up your bedroom space with this DIY headboard project.

We absolutely love a good DIY decor project! And if you’re like us, you’ve been eyeing one or two spotted on Pinterest or elsewhere. Since you need to ensure you get a good night’s rest, we suggest starting in your bedroom. One of our favorite bedroom DIY hacks? Creating a gorgeous and sustainable wooden headboard. With just a basic IKEA headboard and barrel of stikwood, the team at Sugar & Cloth created a drool-worthy headboard that looks like it came right out of a luxury home store. Inexpensive AND gorgeous. What are you waiting for?


Food Prep for the Week

meal prepping for week
Tick tock. Now’s the perfect time to start prepping your meals for the week.

Sunday is the perfect day to jump start your meal prep for the work week! Doing just a little work now will save you loads of time later and you won’t be wondering about what to make later in the week when you’re already worn out after working. When deciding what to make, suggests keeping in the mind the power of threes: one protein, one starchy carb, and one fresh produce. According to them, the “perfect fuel combination of protein, fat, and carbs provides you with long-lasting energy and prevents spikes in blood sugar.” So if you’re in it to win it this week in terms of productivity, start meal prepping right now.


Get Lost in a Good Read

get lost in a great book
Everyday is the perfect day to get lost in a book but Sundays are good days, too.

Have a book that you’ve been wanting to pick up but just haven’t had time to read because of other obligations? Well, now is the perfect time to finally catch up and have some “you” time with a good read. Go to your favorite reading space in your home — if you have a reading nook we’re officially jealous — cozy up, turn off your phone and read to your heart’s content. If you don’t know which book to start with, we suggest getting lost in Paul Kalanithi’s memoir, “When Breath Becomes Air.” Be warned: it’s a tear-jerker but you’ll want to finish it in one sitting once you start. Not your style? Check out these other top-notch fall reads that are more impactful and thought-provoking than Netflix bingeing all day(in our opinion).




What are you going to do with your extra hour when Daylight Saving Time ends? Share with us in the comments below!