GeekDad Reviews Our Loom & Leaf Mattress

loom and leaf review from geekdad
GeekDad Reviews Loom and Leaf Memory Foam Mattress

GeekDad, an online community of “geeky” dads sharing parenting tips in the digital age, shared a review of the Loom and Leaf Mattress.

Ken Denmead, Editor-in-Chief of GeekDad, shared his experience with his Loom and Leaf mattress in the article “Upgrade Your Mattress Experience with Loom and Leaf.”

Denmead highlighted the odd experiences associated with shopping for a mattress in-store, such as testing out a mattress with other onlookers and mattress salespeople passing by. It’s difficult to make a decision when you feel pressured by external factors.

At Loom and Leaf, we know that many consumers don’t look forward to buying a new mattress. In a study conducted by the Better Sleep Council, they found that one-third of the consumers surveyed considered mattress shopping a high-anxiety process.

We try to alleviate this anxiety by providing a friendly, 75-day in-home sleep trial. Unlike a mattress store, we don’t punish you for returning the mattress. We pick it up for you and don’t charge you ridiculous pickup or restocking fees(we never restock!).

According to a survey done by sleeplikethedead, about 9% of memory foam mattress owners reported sleeping hot and 15% reported their bed being warm, but at most times not uncomfortably so. 

In his review, Denmead was pleasantly surprised that our Loom and Leaf didn’t trap heat like his previous memory foam mattress from Costco did. That’s because we use a combination of cooling spinal gel and breathable memory foam that has airflow channels.

Denmead isn’t the first person to rave about improved sleep quality after sleeping on a Loom and Leaf. Other happy sleep reviewers include:

Apartment Therapy: “I found this bed very comfortable and not at all the “sink into it and get stuck” type of foam bed. It’s soft on top and similar to a spring model in its overall firmness.”

Sleepopolis: “Overall support was quite good. I slept on my stomach, back, and side during my test of the Loom and Leaf. As a life-long stomach sleeper, that’s always my preference, but I felt well supported in all 3 positions. Great pressure relief across the board.”

Slumber Sage: “With memory foam, the question is always whether it will “sleep hot”.  This mattress has a few very particular features aimed at making it sleep cool – and in my experience, they have worked very successfully.”

Want to know more about our Loom and Leaf mattresses? Reach out to us in the comment section or call us at 1-877-762-2882. Happy sleeping!

Source: Loom and Leaf Mattress Review by GeekDad


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