The Three C’s That Makes a Successful CEO

CEO working on a report for company.,

What main attributes do successful CEOs like Ron Rudzin possess? Some might point out leadership skills while others might argue that time management is key to being a successful CEO. But Forbes Magazine listed out three main qualities that a CEO must have to succeed: Credibility, Competence, and Caring.

Credibility — It’s easy to shed light on positive news such as hitting a key figure in revenue but what about layoffs and cutbacks? Forbes described credibility as communicating truthfully to your team 100 percent of the time. It’s important to discuss negative news as much as it is to highlight good news so that your team can all be on the same page in terms of where the business is headed.

Competence — Why would you put someone in charge if you didn’t think they knew what they were doing? CEOs often only have a short window of time to make quick day-to-day decisions. It’s imperative that they possess a deep understanding of their company’s business model and experience to make the right calls on major decisions.

Caring — A CEO can possess credibility and competence but he also needs to demonstrate a caring attitude to his team. Forbes noted caring as the ability to show that the CEO puts the company above himself. All CEOs should follow the same rules that they set as the company standards and give others credit for their hard work.

At Loom and Leaf, we’re fortunate to have a CEO who possesses all of the three C’s and has lead the company to being named by Forbes as one of the top 100 companies to watch in 2015.

Brief Background on Loom and Leaf CEO Ron Rudzin

Before managing Saatva(Loom and Leaf’s parent mattress company) and Loom and Leaf, Ron Rudzin invested and managed businesses in the home furnishings industry. When he realized there was an opportunity to join the e-commerce community with a luxury product, he jumped into the e-retail space.

In an interview with Sky Social Media, Ron Rudzin answered the following on what excites him most about his company,

“It’s that we have developed a truly efficient business model, which benefits our clients, our employees and of course, our company. Zappos claims to deliver “happiness”, at Saatva, we claim to deliver “comfort and happiness.” Additionally, we have taken a true green initiative. We have built a national company while maintaining a very low carbon footprint, in an industry that generally lends no hand to that cause.

I’m also very proud of our distribution and manufacturing teams, as well as our web, tech and office staffs. We are all on the same page in this ever lasting effort to make buying a luxury mattress easy and affordable.”

Like most CEOs, Ron Rudzin relies on sound business advice that he’s received over the years for leading the company. In an article by Investor’s Business Daily, Rudzin shared the following business advice he’s received from his father,

Simmer down. “Be humble. If you’re truly talented, people will know. You don’t have to keep telling them,” said Ron Rudzin, CEO of mattress firm Saatva.

The advice came from his father, Sanford, who enjoyed a long career in the furniture business.

Hit the books. A lesson from Sandy Rudzin, as told by son Ron: “Just like school, work generally requires quite a bit of after-hours reading and studying. You will do some of your best thinking and learning outside of normal business hours.”

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