Tiny Houses: Explore the “Mountaineer Dream Home” in Oregon City, Oregon

"Mountaineer Dream Home" 204SQFT exterior view.

Oregon City, Oregon – “Mountaineer Dream Home” Overview

The #TinyHouseNation team returned to this week and ventured back to the Pacific Northwest. Their journey this time was to Oregon City, Oregon, where they met up with mountaineering couple Luke and Tina, who were getting prepared for their move to tiny living.

Transitioning from a 1000 SF home to a 204 SF tiny home would be a big deal for most people, but Luke and Tina designed the home’s floorplan themselves, and have been counting down the days until they can start this new chapter in their lives.

“The tiny house gives us big financial security so we can start using that money to go towards adventures and experiences instead.”

The two mountaineers lead an exciting, adventurous life. Ice climbing, rock climbing, backpacking, you name it and they’ve probably done it. By going tiny, they can live surrounded by nature in the tiny home of their dreams.

“Luke and I always want to sleep outside as much as possible,” Tina explained. “We want to sleep out here at least three seasons, if we can.”

The engineering couple had a few “musts” for their new home. First, they wanted the design aesthetic to “borrow from nature” and blend with their surroundings. This meant lots of natural wood, sunlight, and texture.

Because of their adventurous lifestyle, they also needed ample storage space for their seasonal equipment (they have about 900 pounds of gear!), storage for their impressive record collection, and storage for their crafting supplies.

We’re incredibly impressed with this TINY (204SF!) home and it’s perfect blend of function and style.


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