Tiny Houses: Meet the “Ohana House” in Aloha, Oregon


Aloha, Oregon – “Ohana House” Overview

The Tiny House Nation crew ventured northwest this week as they signed on to help a family of four prepare for tiny living. Carol and Clayton worked with the Tiny House team to create a 400 square foot, 2 trailer project that is both eco-friendly and built for growth for the family’s two young sons.

Why go tiny? Carol wanted to connect to her roots and focus on her family.

“I just saw more clutter to clean up. More things to maintain. What I wanted wasn’t to be cleaning the house, but to be connecting to our children.”

Both Carol and Clayton are from Hawaii and want to incorporate elements of coastal living in their new Oregon home. Our favorite part? The serene vaulted porch/ lanai that highlights the pacific northwest landscape. Ohana, indeed.

Watch the entire Ohana House #TinyHouseNation episode and check out the photos below to see how John and Zack created a welcoming tiny house that their family will grow into over the years.