Tiny Houses: Hop Into the “Rustic Bike House” in Watertown, Wisconsin

"Rustic Bike House" 170SQFT exterior view.

Watertown, Wisconsin – “Rustic Bike House” Overview

#TinyHouseNation goes to Wisconsin

The #TinyHouseNation team returned Saturday to help Wisconsin couple Sarah and Tabatha simplify their lifestyle and create the tiny home of their dreams(170 SQFT to be exact).

The two currently reside in a 300 SQFT RV on an 80-acre farm, so they are no strangers to small spaces. They both enjoy working on the land and with the animals during their off-time. They also love having the proximity to the farm as well as the flexibility to move if needed.

The couple’s main decision to go tiny? They wanted to declutter and opt for a more minimalistic lifestyle. For them, the decision to move into an even smaller space was surprisingly easy.

“Tiny living is more about decluttering life on the inside.”

Sarah and Tabatha believe that a tiny house will help them focus on what matters most in life and also give them more financial freedom. They were ready to pair down their belongings, so the process was really simple.

The biggest project challenges for John and Zack? Prepping the tiny home for the harsh Wisconsin winters and finding space for the new homeowners’ requirements.

Sarah & Tabatha’s Tiny House Wish List

  • Mud room to store shoes and coats after working on the farm.
  • Indoor storage for bikes 
  • Space for their cat and dog
  • Rustic chic farmhouse style

The result was a surprisingly spacious-looking 170 SQFT tiny home.

The Tiny House Nation episode “170 Sq. Ft. Rustic Bike House” aired on July 16, 2016 at 9/8c on FYI.