Tiny Houses: Squeeze Into “Seven’s Company” in Ozawkie, Kansas


Ozawkie, KS – “Seven’s Company” Overview

Last week was a big episode for Tiny House Nation. The team traveled to Ozawkie, Kansas to prepare a tiny house for their largest headcount to date, a family of seven.

Saturday’s episode followed the Moore family as they prepared to downsize from 3,200 SF to 545 SF. The Moore family wanted a tiny house not only for the financial benefits but also so that they could spend more quality time together.

With three homeschooled boys and two others that visit frequently, they needed a large living space where they could study, catch up, and play music as a family.

Zack and John accepted the challenge and built one of our favorite houses of the season. The winning detail? The Moore family challenged the team to incorporate an antique piano that they had in storage into the design, and the Tiny House team did not disappoint. Zack created a beautiful piano bed that became one of our favorite details of the entire house.

Watch the full Seven’s Company #TinyHouseNation episode and view the photos below to see how John and Zack delivered on creating an efficient, modern home for the family of seven.


  1. Enjoyed watching building of the house and the beautiful way the family interacted. A pleasure being able to see this family in action. Wishing them much happiness in their new tiny home!