Tiny Houses: “Surf Shack Chic” Teaser

"Surf Shack Chic" bedroom setup with Loom and Leaf Mattress on Tiny House Nation.

Can you live tiny? Our Loom and Leaf team is up to the challenge and will be partnering with #TinyHouseNation for Season 3 to provide our mattresses to new “Tiny House” homeowners from around the country.

The partnership continues this Saturday, April 30th, as the #TinyHouseNation team heads to Santa Barbara, California. This week’s challenge? Build a beautiful, modern and coastal house for the active surf couple Amber and Tommy. The Tiny House Nation crew must find room for the couple’s 10 surf and paddle boards.

For Amber and Tommy, joining the Tiny House movement means not only downsizing in space, but placing a renewed focus on what matters most in life.

“It’s really hard trying to find property for a reasonable price here,” Tommy explains. “Getting a home and having a place to call our own…that’s special for us.” (fyi.)

Finding affordable coastal property isn’t easy, and Tommy and Amber are eager to start their new adventure. Loom and Leaf is excited to be a part of the Tiny House movement and can’t wait for Tommy and Amber to join the L&L family.

We’re tuning in. Are you?