Tiny Houses: Peek Inside the “Tiny Victorian” at Gainesville, Florida

Tiny House Nation designs a 600 sq. ft. tiny victorian house.

Gainesville, Florida – “Tiny Victorian” Overview

This past Saturday, #TinyHouseNation traveled to Gainesville, Florida to create a “Tiny Victorian” home for business owners Danny and Lonie.

The business owners opted to go “tiny” so they could enjoy financial freedom and also spend more time on each other instead of being bogged down with maintenance.

Danny and Louie aren’t newcomers to downsizing, previously they downsized from a 3,000 sq. ft. home to a 1,000 sq. ft. rental. But transitioning from a 1,000 sq. ft. rental to a 600 sq. ft. tiny home proved challenging for the couple.

To help them with the transition, John challenged them to throw out a bulk of their wardrobe and shoes. Danny and Lonie each gave up 9 pairs of shoes each and several articles of clothing so they would be able to have room to fit their remaining wardrobe in their 5 ft. closet space.

Our favorite part of the Tiny Victorian? The functional outdoor brunch area complete with a seating area and fold out table to hold drinks and food!

Watch the full Tiny Victorian #TinyHouseNation episode and view the photos below to see how John and Zack created a charming, delightful Victorian inspired home for the stylish duo.

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  1. How can I see the total floor plan for this Tiny Victorian Home? This my favorite Tiny Home! I have watched this over and over. I saw that the home was built on a budget of $50,000. Was this just for the home? Does the ower have to have to supply the land? Has anyone ever buit these home using the GI loan?

    • Hi Charles, sorry but we don’t know the specifics you’re asking! We were partnered with Tiny House Nation but we weren’t on site. We provided our Loom & Leaf mattresses only.

  2. Charles if you go online you can get the specifics for the victorian tiny home you see on TV and get everything you need for that tiny home like I did. I have everything I just need someone who can prefab the victorian or build it and ship it to me. So if you know someone please email me at drrevlakasfinanspec@gmail.com.

  3. This is the first Tiny House Nation I have watched when they didn’t do a followup. Were the owners really please or just smiling for the camera?