Tiny Houses: “World Traveler’s Home” Teaser

"World Traveler's Home" bedroom setup with Loom and Leaf Mattress on Tiny House Nation.

This week’s Tiny House challenge brought the team to beautiful Austin, Texas, where our Loom and Leaf marketing office is held.

Since this Austin episode hits close to home, Loom and Leaf team members Andrew Kurland, Chris Marquer, and Kelly Hannifin took the opportunity to visit the set of Tiny House Nation as they rounded the completion of the build.

It was an exciting experience as our team members were able to personally deliver our Loom and Leaf mattress, meet the team, as well as this week’s featured homeowners Kyle and Whitney.

Newlywed Austenites, Kyle and Whitney, have a shared spirit for world travel.

“They’ve asked John and Zack to build them a tiny house that incorporates their eclectic style with inspirations from all over, and still feels warm, welcoming, and most importantly clutter free.”

It was very interesting to see how the Tiny House team incorporated the couple’s lust for world culture into simple and creative design. And an overall great experience for the Austin team.

It’s something we are excited to share at Loom and Leaf during this weekend’s episode. Stay tuned throughout the season, as we continue our #TinyHouseNation partnership, providing mattresses to new “Tiny House” homeowners from around the country.