The Meaning Behind Your Sleeping Positions

What does your sleeping position say about you?

Back, Side, Stomach, or a combo of all of the above? Your sleeping position or style says more about you than you may think.

According to Robert Phipps, a body language expert, your preferred sleeping position can “reveal traits such as stubbornness, bossiness and fanciful dreaming, as well as how self-critical a person is or whether they feel in control of life.”

Although Robert Phipps studied the four most common sleeping styles — Fetal, Log, Yearner, and Freefaller — there are six sleeping patterns that are commonplace in the bedroom.

The UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service identified the following sleeping position categories:

  1. Fetal
  2. Log
  3. Yearner
  4. Soldier
  5. Freefall
  6. Starfish

Interested in knowing what your sleeping position says about you? Let’s take a look at the six most common sleep patterns and how they correlate to our personality traits.

Your Sleeping Position and What It Says About You


The Sleep Position: Fetal position sleepers lay on their side in a curled position with arms curled on top of the pillow and usually one arm under the pillow. One hand will always be resting near the chin.

Significance: This is the most popular sleeping style and is characterized as the Thinker position. People who sleep in this position are said to have a tough exterior but are actually very shy and sensitive.


The Sleep Position: In this sleep position, the person sleeps on their side with their legs straight and both arms by their sides. They look straight as a log.

Significance: These sleepers are very easy-going and social creatures. They also tend to be very trusting and are often defined as gullible.


The Sleep Position: In this position, the person looks like they are reaching for something. The yearner sleeps with their head slightly off the center of the pillow with arms stretched out in front of them.

Significance: Studies reveal that people with this sleep style are known to be open and inviting but can be overly suspicious and cynical. They are slow to make decisions but once they do it’s difficult to change their mind.


The Sleep Position: In this military stance, the sleeper sleeps on his/her back, face pointing to the ceiling with both arms down at their side and legs straight.

Significance: These quiet, reserved people tend to take themselves very seriously and are well structured. They have high expectations for both themselves and others.


The Sleep Position: These sleepers rest on their stomach with their head turned to either side and hands wrapped around the pillow.

Significance: They are often seen as overly gregarious and brash but can also be nervy and thin-skinned. They also tend to avoid extreme situations and don’t like criticism.


The Sleep Position: In this position, the sleeper is on his/her back with both arms and legs extended in a starfish position.

Significance: People who prefer this position are very loyal, good friends since they are good listeners and are willing to go out of their way to help others.

So, does your go-to sleeping position match with your personality? Have you figured out the secret to finding the best mattress for side sleepers? Drop us a comment and let us know!