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No Venture Capital Needed, or Wanted

The business world is filled with starry-eyed entrepreneurs who hope that the blessings of angel investors and venture capitalists will transform their start-up dreams...

How This Startup Reached $180 Million Revenue By Not Acting Like a Startup

Mattresses might not be the first thing that comes to...

Loom and Leaf vs. Tempurpedic Mattress Review

When it comes to the luxury mattress market, there just hasn't been a whole lot of change within the last...

A Tale of Two Mattress Companies

We live in an era that venerates venture capital. It can sometimes seem that a business is just a means to serve an investment fund rather than vice versa.

9 Online Start-Ups That Are Changing the Bedding Game

From duvets to divans, the traditional way of purchasing bedding has always been a rather unglamorous...

Mattress Wars

Can new e-commerce brand Loom & Leaf take on memory foam giant Tempur-Pedic? Over the last fifteen years, e-commerce has transformed the retail...

Forbes Top 100 Best Performing Companies

Sells eco-friendly mattresses online only. Without commercial rent for storefronts, Saatva is able...

A Good Night's Sleep

I read up on what they're doing, and as usual, they're miles ahead of the pack. I saw that they'd made several...

Where Pope Francis will sleep in D.C., New York &...

When the pope sleeps over, you do more than change the sheets. You commission new ones, embroidered....

This Mattress Companies Profits are Nothing to...

In the recent tradition of a transparency-forward, online-only retail, there's another contender rousing...

Ultra Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so having a comfortable, beautiful bed is truly important. I have...

My Take on the Loom and Leaf Mattress

The Loom & Leaf mattress is a very interesting concept that I've been excited to review - a high-end...

Sleeping in a Cloud

After a few nights on this bed, I am very impressed. What struck me about this mattress is just how substantial it is. The Loom and Leaf mattress...

Upgrade Your Mattress Experience...

Buying a new mattress is one of those things we have to do so rarely that we never really get used to it, and...

When Not in Rome: The Pope sleeps on a Loom & Leaf During His U.S. Visit

The media has been quite busy reporting on the pope's every waking hour. Well, we are...

O' Holy Night

As the city of Philadelphia works to host more than one million people at Pope Francis' public mass at Independence Hall on Sunday, September 27th...

Mattress Review

If you are looking at the Tempur-Pedic models or other high-quality memory foam mattresses, I would definitely give a strong look at Loom and Leaf...

Saatva Gives Casper a Run for its Money.

Consumers are getting used to the idea of buying mattresses online...

A Year In Bed

My Year In Bed just keeps going as I keep getting requests to try more mattresses. This one is also from a new company, Saatva, who has just launched a new brand, Loom & Leaf, a line of memory foam mattresses to pair with their traditional spring models. While not a...

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    "For those who still pledge allegiance to the buoyant inner-spring mattress, two companies posses a variety of lavishly appointed options. Saatva’s three models all have inner-spring bases, memory-foam cushioning, and a plush pillow top. In keeping with its green initiative, it uses fire-safe thistle, organic cotton casings, recycled steel, and eco-friendly foam. A concierge service helps take your online experience off the screen, calling to offer a personal thank you in what cofounder Ricky Joshi refers to as “white glove” service. And because Joshi maintains that “certain technologies you can’t fold into a box,” Saatva mattresses are delivered and set up in your home by a dedicated team. Saatva’s sister company, Loom & Leaf, applies the same philosophy to memory-foam mattresses, which are also delivered unfolded to preserve their high-grade cooling gel layer."

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