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L&L has been designed
for maximum sleep wellness.

At Loom & Leaf, we are committed to researching and implementing sleep technologies that relieve pressure points, improve circulation and energize active bodies of all ages. No matter what your body type or sleep position, our beds self-adjust with contouring memory foam and support layers for even weight distribution.
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Health benefits of the L&L bed:

Sleep Welnness Benefits
  • Relief from
    joint pain

    Our eco-friendly foam layers provide responsive support that relieves joint pain and gives you a plush, natural feel.
  • Improved

    Our contouring foam reduces and/or eliminates pressure points, improving circulation.
  • Increased

    Cooling gel keeps you cool and comfortable, while our foams even out weight distribution. This means sound, healthy sleep for more energy during the day.
  • Healthy
    spinal alignment

    Our L&L bed will therapeutically mold and contour to your body filling your natural gaps and arcs to create healthy spinal alignment
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    From Dr. Bill Charschan

    Author and independent chiropractor for over 30 years

    I’ve had a wonderful experience with my Loom & Leaf. This is an expertly designed mattress, and I would recommend it to my patients.

    The unique combination of materials is ideal for greater body support throughout the night. Pain sufferers and athletes are more likely to sleep better and feel more refreshed on this mattress and can expect reduced pain in joints, back and high impact areas.

    The support, comfort and cooling nature of the materials is optimal for maintaining proper sleep patterns, allowing our bodies to fall into REM sleep and self-repair, which is more important as we age. Benefits include a more alert and focused mind, as well as less pain during the day. This mattress design offers some unique advantages for the average consumer. It can boost his or her quality of life at a surprisingly affordable price.

    The Loom and Leaf Memory Foam – My Recommendation for a Better Night’s Sleep

    I’ve spent over twenty-five years as a chiropractor treating the USA Track and Field team in New Jersey, which has lent a unique perspective into athletes and their pain related issues. This insight and passion for helping pain sufferers is the focus of my career and the basis of my book, “Cheating Mother Nature: What You Need To Know To Beat Chronic Pain.”

    With patients of mine suffering from chronic pain, I always recommend a supportive and conforming mattress. It’s something that usually goes overlooked, but is very important in treating these issues. A bed that self-adjusts and reacts to the body relieves stressed areas while promoting a deep, REM sleep. This is critical for the body’s self-repair mode, and, as studies show, improving mental alertness and the body’s tolerance to pain and discomfort.

    In contrast, non-conforming beds add extra pressure and strain to these stressed pressure points. This can lead to tossing and turning, discomfort and lingering pain.

    When I had the opportunity to experience a prototype of the new Loom & Leaf memory foam, I was intrigued by its unique gel and memory foam design. My wife and I had a month to sleep on it, while our old mattress waited patiently in the living room.

    Since my job can be quite physical, I rely on a regimented sleep pattern to maintain my health. Almost right away, I noticed differences each morning: well rested and alert, less “kinked up” when falling asleep and less achy, overall. My wife also found the mattress to be quite comfortable and more supportive than previous ones. In fact, she happened to suffer a slip on the stairs, inflaming her lower back, but to my surprise, she slept well throughout the night. The mattress self-adjusted and conformed perfectly to both of our body types.

    I also noticed it was much easier to move in and out of, and neither of us woke up feeling hot during the night.

    After studying the Loom & leaf, these benefits came from a combination of materials: multiple layers of ideal support, high density memory foam and gel-on-gel foam. This combination results in even weight distribution, relieving problematic shoulder, spine and hip points. A more restful sleep means an increased REM sleep, which I’ve emphasized is required for your body to repair.

    Overall, the Loom & Leaf mattress offers these many unique advantages to the average consumer, at a surprisingly affordable price. I would recommend this to my patients, it definitely has my approval, since we’re now very happy Loom & Leaf customers.

    —Dr. Bill Charschan

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    "For those who still pledge allegiance to the buoyant inner-spring mattress, two companies posses a variety of lavishly appointed options. Saatva’s three models all have inner-spring bases, memory-foam cushioning, and a plush pillow top. In keeping with its green initiative, it uses fire-safe thistle, organic cotton casings, recycled steel, and eco-friendly foam. A concierge service helps take your online experience off the screen, calling to offer a personal thank you in what cofounder Ricky Joshi refers to as “white glove” service. And because Joshi maintains that “certain technologies you can’t fold into a box,” Saatva mattresses are delivered and set up in your home by a dedicated team. Saatva’s sister company, Loom & Leaf, applies the same philosophy to memory-foam mattresses, which are also delivered unfolded to preserve their high-grade cooling gel layer."

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